About Growers:

Growers is titled as a double (‘triple’) entendre meant to evoke the colloquially immature reference to the phallic part of male genitalia, the continual process of personal development and the natural reality of what living things do when they are nurtured — grow.

Hi, I’m Justin Bridges. I’ve spent several years starting and stopping things. I’m a serial entrepreneur that happily runs in the direction of risk for my career, but have struggled to focus and commit to personal projects. Growers represents a personal project steeped in vulnerability using a multimedia approach while adhering to a lifelong goal of consistently giving back to the people around me and in my community.

Growers doesn’t seek to be everything to everyone. With age comes wisdom, I plan to stay in my lane. There are a handful of things I know I’m good at because of self-awareness and the reflections of great friends. 1) Making complex things simple so learning can be more accessible. 2) Relentlessly treating my life as an internship from the embodiment of therapeutic change to trying careers I wasn’t trained for. 3) And, plants. There’s always more but I want to keep this brief. Become a Grower if you’re interested being in community with myself and others learning how to navigate life in a healthier way. It’s that simple.

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Growers publishes semi-regularly on Wednesday and Saturday. Free subscribers get access to occasional newsletters which get paywalled after 2 weeks. Paid subscribers get access to all newsletters all the time, including the full archive. As a paid subscriber, your comments get highest priority. You’ll also be included in special content like interviews and podcasts, as well as invites to special opportunities like live events. Founding members get all of this plus discounted pricing towards 1:1 coaching with me!

Paying is a great idea, and great minds think alike.

You and I belong to a group of people that know that getting great quality things has a price. I can already picture the type of place you would rent on Airbnb for the weekend. We probably shop on some of the same websites, and listen to the same podcasts. We explore restaurants and coffee shops, and sometimes they end up on our Instagram stories. Most of us writers, artists, and content creators work for ourselves. And writing two posts a week and promoting them while trying to maintain a healthy freelance career is quite the juggling act.

The paid upgrade is priced to be accessible, not so I make a killing. I hope my writing and community we’re building makes your life at least 1% better. If you can’t afford the paid upgrade, email me and share your story —growersxo@gmail.com—and I’ll comp you some access.

Your $5 a month (or $50 a year) pays for this to last. I have a lot of big ideas for you all. On the way there, your support will help create more robust content, bring in guests, and do some really dope sh$t. One coffee a month, and a golden ticket to the cool kids club.

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Growers is a weekly subscriber-supported newsletter written by a 🌱dad. Short stories and other content provides you with a weekly dose of therapy and a roadmap for healing and personal growth.


I'm a serial entrepreneur and creative based in NYC.